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The farriery by ValueFeet

Since more than 5 years, ValueFeet developed digital systems for farriers. Our concept is based on one principle, allowing the farriers to build his tailor-made fittings numerically.
We have conceived a complete chain from an acquisition system to a digital software and a fully automated factory.

Numeric and Farriery, a job at the edge of innovation

Our goal is to create a new complete service of farriery. A service for which we offer all our innovations, products, with farriers with whom we are associated, at market prices.

Each owner will be able to manage his horses and his farrier directly on our platform. All horses will be equipped with a ValueFeet tailor-made fitting and a modern farriery that will, above all, enhance the quality of the trimming.

In this way, we think that we can bring a new breath in line with the evolution of our sport.

Our objective now is to deploy this new service throughout the territory to assume our farriery for any horse.

A propos de ValueFeet

Beyond this system, we are working on proposing new materials. As we no longer have the constraint of the forge, we can offer materials much more efficient, lighter, less vibrating and that bring more comfort to the horses.

The DNA of ValueFeet is to continuously offer innovations, we work daily to find new products to improve the comfort of your horses.

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