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Become a showcase of ecological commitment in the equestrian sector

Because we consider at ValueFeet that each actor of the society has to preserve our earth, we have decided for the year 2020 to engage a real ecologic transformation of our company in order to achieve the greenest possible growth.

Why ?

In a world with a strong change in mindset towards the climate change, each company should contribute strongly to reduce it´s impact on the climate.

ValueFeet decrease its ecological impact
ValueFeet reduce its carbon footprint
ValueFeet and his local chain

Decrease the ecological impact of our production

The 3 pillars of our approach

ValueFeet realizes 100% of its production in Bordeaux, France. However, we need to work on adapting our production tools and raw materials to respond to current climate issues.


The surface treatment, it's over !

We are announcing the end of our blue aluminium irons. Not that we did not like it, far from it. On the contrary, we loved them!

Do you know the anodizing process that allowed us to offer you blue irons until now?

Anodizing is a surface treatment that consists to immersing aluminum iron in a bath of sulfuric acid through which an electric current flow. This operation generates alumina (Al2O3) and gives a coloration on the product. But beyond the aesthetic aspect, this process is not in line with our eco-responsible approach.

Respecting the environment, decreasing the carbon footprint and combating pollution are now among our priorities. We can not maintain this process with such objectives.

Recycling our industrial wastes


Since several years, Valuefeet is recycling completely its raw materials. Recycling of materials has positive effects on economic growth, and we are proud to be part of this approach.

Our irons are made from steel or aluminum. After the creation of irons, 100% of waste is revalorized and this, in two different ways : 

  •  We reuse the surplus of our raw materials in the realization of other products. This approach has the advantage of limiting our gross losses.

  • 100% of waste is re-injected into the industrial sector via partners who recycle our losses.

This approach fits perfectly into the framework of environmental protection and better use of energy resources. Recycling limits the need of extraction.


Progressive shutdown of metal irons

Today, our business imposes constraints such as the consumption of minerals to produce steel and aluminium irons.


However, the extraction of metals has extremely harmful consequences both for environment and population.

  • Using metal has a catastrophic ecological impact, both in its extraction and in its processing.

  • The impact of the mining industry on geological areas concerned is also extremely strong.

  • In term of health, the mining areas are extremely exposed to the dust resulting from the exploitation of these minerals, which causes lung diseases on the local population.

In this context, we are developing new materials that will enable us progressively to replace steel and aluminum irons.


Our new materials, more efficient than those used today, comply with very precise specifications and respond to an environmental constraint.

By 2020, we hope for a shar reduction in the use of steel and aluminum, and therefore the consumption of minerals thanks to our engineers and their expertise.

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