The 3 pillars of our approach

ValueFeet decrease its ecological impact
ValueFeet reduce its carbon footprint
ValueFeet and its local chain

Managing of our deliveries to

reduce our carbon footprint


Optimization of our deliveries

The management of our deliveries is one of the key points on which we are working to respond to our ecological commitment.


To reduce the carbon impact of our logistic, we are working on optimising and grouping our parcels. For that, we have developed an algorithm which allows our farriers to receive only one delivery per week, grouping together all their orders.

An efficient system that enables to organize the production of irons and thus, to avoid mass production which increase our carbon footprint and our energy consumption.  


Integrating sustainable development in our strategy leads also to a more efficient supply chain in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

Weight reduction of our packages


As explained earlier, we are now focusing on the development of materials that are more environmentally friendly and better respond to the needs of horses. These are polymer materials made from natural fibres.


These materials, whose weight does not exceed 100g for a normal size iron (when an aluminum iron now weighs 200g and a steel iron 450g) provide maximum comfort for horses.


Beyond performance, reducing the weight of our fittings has a direct impact on the weight of our packages and therefore on their carbon footprint.

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