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Developed by our own engineers, our technology allows a perfect integration of digital customization for the farrier. From the optical-thermographic scanner, to the design software, to the payment platform and online data storage, we have designed a complete system allowing a perfect integration of the tailor-made solution.

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ValueFeet scanner

The world´s first scanner 100% dedicated to the farriery. Point of entry for tailor-made irons (the scanner is the key to your tailor-made irons).
It allows the precise realization of pictures of your horse’s hooves, which will then be transferred on a tablet to model your 100% tailor-made irons.

Horseshoes Designer software

The software that revolutionizes the farriery without any constraint or compromise for its user. More than just a simple iron generator, it combines all the features required for expert conception by offering more than 4 billion parameters.

Seed'z platform

Center of our concept, Seed'z allows the tracking of all elements related to your horse's hooves at a glance. Radio, fitting, order taking, invoice or veterinarian prescription, whether you are a professional or a particular, our platform offers you a perfect tracking surface.

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